20+ Genius DIY Projects That Take A Home From Bleak To Chic

Want your dining room to go from drab to fab, your kitchen from bland to grand, and your bedroom from dry to fly? Well, you've come to the right place, ace (we'll stop rhyming now). Seriously, though — if your house is in desperate need of an update, or if your brand new home needs a few touches of personality, then we have some simple DIY solutions for you. Using only a few tools, you can turn your lifeless house into a home with real character. You'll be the envy of all your neighbors, and that's no lie, guy!

1. A "floating" shelf is full of opportunities

There's little more to a floating or "swinging" shelf than a plank of wood with four holes drilled into the corners. When you weave two thin ropes through the holes at each end, it should look like you have a swing. Then, tie the tops of the ropes together and form a knot. And voila! It sounds simple, but a floating shelf adds a special something to any room, especially if decorated with gorgeous plants or personal knickknacks.

2. Turn walls into art with electrical tape

Walls are more than just canvasses for paint. Try creating insane patterns fit for an art museum on your walls! Using inexpensive electrical tape, you can turn even the most ordinary of home offices into art pieces that are sure to inspire. You can also add sleek stripes to out-of-date appliances, if you're so inclined.

3. How to make Mason jars elegant

Dreaming of regal chandeliers? You'd be more likely to find Mason jars on a picnic table than in a formal dining room, but there's an easy way to turn the former canning jars into a fancy chandelier. You just need hanging bulbs and Mason jars to create this unique look. Just make sure the lids are tightly secured onto the jars when you hang them up!

4. From shudder to shutter

Decrepit shutters can make the outside of your house look ancient (not to mention haunted), but they're too cool to just throw away! So why not re-purpose them? When you add old table legs, a fresh coat of paint, and a little TLC, you can turn your rickety shutters into cool and comfy benches! A shutter bench would definitely be the focal point of any dining room.