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What The Game of Thrones Cast Looks Like In Real Life

Now, while the cast of Game of Thrones may blend seamlessly into the fictional land of Westeros, it takes hours of work and a staggering amount of behind-the-scenes magic to transform these A-listers into the characters we know and love. From deceptive dye jobs to painstaking prosthetics — after seeing what these GoT stars look like in real life, you won't be able to view them in the same way again.

1. Maisie Williams — Arya Stark

Since debuting on Game of Thrones at the age of 12, Williams has grown up right before our very eyes. Still, it's definitely strange to see the young actress wearing anything but her standard Westerosi garb, especially after watching her slash and stab her way across the Narrow Sea. We'd recommend waterproof mascara on the next voyage, Arya.

2. Conleth Hill — Lord Varys

With a nickname like "The Spider," Varys makes it clear that he's a character you don't want to cross right from the get-go. Strangely, though, knowing Conleth Hill has a full head of fluffy gray hair and that he once won an Oliver Award for his role in Stones in His Pockets makes him infinitely less intimidating.

3. Rory McCann — Sandor Clegane

The Hound's scarred face and rough demeanor may lead you to believe that the actor himself is just as intimidating, but, like the character he plays, there's much more to Rory McCann than meets the eye. The imposing Scottish actor is also a trained painter, gardener, and even plays the banjo.

4. Lena Headey — Cersei Lannister

Love or hate her, there's no denying that the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is as good a villain as they come. Most of us shudder at the mere mention of a Lannister, so we're happy to report that Lena Headey is apparently nothing like the character she plays on screen — hair color included. Phew!