Mom Of Three's 'Mosquito Bites' End Up Landing Her In The Hospital

When a 41-year-old mother from Maria Stein, Ohio, noticed strange marks on her body, she compared them to bug bites. They looked as though they were left behind by pesky mosquitos — not something to seriously worry about. It wasn't until a few months after she initially discovered the so-called "bites" that she realized the shocking truth — and found her life was in imminent danger.

Two Mosquito Bites

In late 2018, a physical therapist noted two dots on Heather Cramer's armpit. “They were kind of like mosquito bites,” she later told Today. Heather didn't worry because she already had a doctor's appointment on the calendar for February, so she held off getting the skin bumps looked at. For the mom, life continued.

The Holidays

In the weeks that followed, Heather enjoyed life with her husband and three sons. She worked as the school treasurer and CFO for Marion Local Schools and was a part of the St. John Lutheran Church in Celina. She was also very active with her kids' lives and their love of baseball.

Getting Checked

Heather went to the doctor's appointment in February. The two bumps on her armpit never went away, which confirmed they weren't bug bites. She couldn't ignore them. “Make sure you’re getting checked," she told Today. "If people feel like they’ve got an issue, go to the doctor right away.”


The doctor, however, didn't see a problem. While the bites definitely did not come from bugs, the doctor didn't think they were anything to be concerned about. Heather seemingly accepted the non-diagnosis, likely relieved to have been given a clean bill of health. Once again, life continued... then she got nervous.