Riley Keough Opened Up About The Harsh Reality Of Life As A Presley

Riley Keough is no stranger to the spotlight. After all, she’s Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. And as one might expect for someone in one of the most famous families in the world, her life been a rollercoaster. From breaking through Hollywood’s glass ceiling to dealing with the aftermath of her mom’s sudden passing, she’s seen a lot. But now, as the sole inheritor of Elvis’ famous estate, Graceland, the actress has opened up in some candid interviews.

Tough battles

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot to cover in an interview with Riley Keough! In addition to explaining how she navigated her younger years as a “nepo baby,” she also shed light on the legal issue that threatened to tear her famous family apart.

Yes, the death of Lisa Marie Presley ultimately pitted grandmother against granddaughter in a battle to oversee Elvis’ iconic estate.

Health and motherhood

And Riley’s openness didn’t end there, either. The actress touched on her own health situation, which had previously been shrouded in secrecy. Plus, she gave some tantalizing details regarding the birth of her child as well, mentioning her baby girl’s name for the first time to the public.

Like we said, the third-generation Presley star had plenty to talk about. You wouldn’t expect any less from a person who can literally claim Elvis as her grandpa!

Cover star

So let’s go back to the beginning. Lisa Marie and her hubby Danny Keough welcomed Riley into the world in May 1989, and the youngster immediately attracted the media’s glare. Yep, she was the cover story for an issue of People soon after her birth.

The headline read, “Elvis’ first grandchild. HERE SHE IS!” Since then, the spotlight on Riley hasn’t dimmed.

Unwavering attention

From the good times to the bad, the focus on Riley’s life has seemingly never wavered. And that came as no surprise to the man who directed the latest Hollywood blockbuster about her grandfather in the shape of 2022’s Elvis.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in August 2023, Baz Luhrmann made a fascinating observation regarding the Presleys’ place in pop culture.